Ellesmere Port says NO! 20/01/19

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The Public Inquiry being held in Chester Town Hall from the 22ndto the 24thJanuary has a number of firsts.

  • First Public Inquiryin the UK to be held where the planning application has been refused on the grounds of failing to mitigate the effects of climate change – granting the application would fly in the face of all recent climate science which requires us to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 Deg C otherwise face climatic disaster within a couple of decades.
  • First gas well site that is situated in an urban environment – on an industrial estate with a new housing estate under construction only 320m away.

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The Next Lap Begins…..

Next Lap
Some of the documents sent by I Gas to read before the enquiry.

I Gas seem keen to keep us busy. This is the most information they have sent us. It’s a shame they couldn’t have provided this much information with the original application. We tried to be a bit more specific with ours and sent through two lever arch files, which puts across our case, but doesn’t run the risk of letting any important information being buried elsewhere.