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Ellesmere Port Frack Free News

  • Clean Air?

    This is what is happening near Blackpool, do you want it to happen in Ellesmere Port?

  • Shale Gas in Cheshire

    Chester and its surrounding villages sits on top of the “Blacon Basin”, the thickest, shallowest chunk of shale in Cheshire, and is the target of the Shale Gas industry, as can be seen by this diagram.

  • The Next Lap Begins…..
    Next Lap
    Some of the documents sent by I Gas to read before the enquiry.

    I Gas seem keen to keep us busy. This is the most information they have sent us. It’s a shame they couldn’t have provided this much information with the original application. We tried to be a bit more specific with ours and sent through two lever arch files, which puts across our case, but doesn’t run the risk of letting any important information being buried elsewhere.