Frack Free Ellesmere Port & Upton Members Deliver 11/12/18

5,000 residents who live within one kilometre of the well site in Portside North in Ellesmere Port have been made aware of the following facts in a leaflet –

  1. IGas has appealed against the Council’s decision to refuse permission to test the existing well at Portside North.
  2. IGas will pump Hydrochloric Acid and other chemicals underground to open pathways within the rock for gas to flow, bringing similar risks to those of fracking.
  3. Over 10 tonnes of gas could be flared off each day. Flaring is both polluting and very noisy and may continue for 24hrs per day for up to 90 days.

These facts have come as a great shock to a vast percentage of residents of Ellesmere Port but particularly to the residents of the brand new Persimmon & Anwyl estate off Rossmore Road. They were NEVER informed that their properties are only 350metres from the well site.

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The Next Lap Begins…..

Next Lap
Some of the documents sent by I Gas to read before the enquiry.

I Gas seem keen to keep us busy. This is the most information they have sent us. It’s a shame they couldn’t have provided this much information with the original application. We tried to be a bit more specific with ours and sent through two lever arch files, which puts across our case, but doesn’t run the risk of letting any important information being buried elsewhere.