First of all thank you all for your support during the Inquiry, either by joining in, letting friends and colleagues know what is going on, or contributing to our legal expenses.

Thanks to you all, we put on a good show and gave IGas a good run for their money. An objective of IGas was to sting the Council for expenses so that the Council would not oppose applications in the future. Well that did not work, the Inspector reminded IGas that the majority of their expenses were due to the Frack Free defence for which they had no come-back. In the recent trading announcement from IGas which showed a £25 million loss on £48 million trading. Once again IGas is in a dreadful financial state and not worthy to be undertaking anything involving the environment. Stay away IGas, you are not welcome, we will cost you every inch of the way!

This Inquiry was one of the first to be refused specifically on Climate Change, and the comparison given by the Council’s experts, the equivalent of an additional 36,000 cars per day in Ellesmere Port, or the same amount of gas as the Council uses in all its activities in the course of a year, or the same anount of gas to heat all the homes in Chester for a year, brought the truth of this industry home to the Inspector. The Council expert witnesses were so surprised that they are preparing an academic paper exploring this issue. Not coincidentally another group published that national fracking would contribute the same as 50 million additional cars on our roads!

And of course the Governments fracking policy was found to be unlawful because it did not consider climate change, something that the Government has a legal obligation to do both domestically and internationally. Given the current focuss on the Environment is is increasingly likey that this industry is dead and is in the process of being buried.

There is clearly some rethinking taking place in government, heralded by the resignation of the Fracking Supremo, Natascha Engle who claims she does not have the backing of the Government to make progress! Maybe the timing of the EPort decision reaching her desk and her resignation are not coincidental!

Last month the Inspector wrote to us saying that he was going to publish the decision early May, but that date was subsequently removed from the Planning Website so we do not have a decision date at the moment. It is likely that the Secretary of State is sitting on it for a number of other reasons; the Inspector’s holiday which lasts until late autumn, the Government’s unlawful fracking policy being made lawful, or something else on the horizon that we are not aware of – maybe even a declaration of a National Environmental Emergency which should finish this industry off once and for all in this country. This Inquiry has gone a long way to make that happen.

Once again thanks to everyone who made this happen, if you happened to sit in one of the hot seats at the Inquiry, we felt very supported and cared for. Thank you for standing up for the environment.

More details https://tinyurl.com/y28zk4ef

Hoping to see you soon.