A BIG, BIG THANK YOU to everybody who turned up to the Ellesmere Port Public Inquiry this week, especially to the MPs, councillors and local people who spoke on Friday.

Thursday saw the first of our expert witnesses, Professor Watterson from the Faculty of Health Science at Stirling University, looking at air quality and health impacts and how the analysis that has been done does not protect the health of the people of Ellesmere Port.

On Friday morning our 3 local MPs, local councillors and local people spoke out about the development. There were many varied concerns including climate change, children’s health and economic development. Nobody spoke to support the application, which speaks volumes.

Tuesday will be predominantly looking at geological issues, Prof David Smythe will be in the morning and will explain to the Inspector how IGas have presented a fictitious geology, and Robin Grayson will be explaining some very fascinating information on the geology of the area. Will be a good day not to miss.

It is very clear that one of IGas goals is to sting the Council for expenses to stop the council from refusing similar applications again. Much time is wasted asking questions to facilitate this, and if you cannot see the relevance of some the questions, this is probably why.

The Council case is the dream of every environmentalist – the precedence of International Treaties on Climate Change to facilitate local planning decisions. If they win this one the fracking industry is a dead duck. We wish them every success.

The inquiry will continue at Chester Town Hall from 9.30am to 5pm Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd, and Thursday 24th January 2019. It will then be adjourned, recommencing for three days on 26th February 2019.

Please come along if you can, it is really important that we demonstrate to the planning inspector that there is significant public interest. Bring a friend, bring someone interested in how justice is thrashed out in this country, bring someone who may be impacted by this development.

Our website ellesmereportfrackfree.uk has more information about the public inquiry, including opening statements and summaries from our expert witnesses, and for live daily updates please see the excellent Drill or Drop website.



Thanks to your generous donations we’ve raised over £14,000 to pay for our legal representation and expert witnesses at the inquiry. It’s a fabulous achievement and we couldn’t have done it without you.

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Frack Free Ellesmere Port and Upton