Life in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire is at a critical point. The community will make a giant step forward with the planned regeneration of the Waterside area, but if IGas is allowed to succeed with its proposals to test for Shale Gas it will mean two giant steps backward for Ellesmere Port.

Delivering Appeal Documentation
Delivering Appeal Documentation

IGas was refused permission to reopen the well by Cheshire West and Chester Planning Committee in January 2018. The potential adverse effects on Climate Change were at the root of the refusal. The council was sounding an early warning over the grave effects of Climate Change that have been reported by senior science groups in the lead up to the international Climate Change Conference currently in progress in Poland. Climate Change is the biggest threat to our way of life that we will face in the next couple of decades.

The IGas well site in Ellesmere Port could be the UK’s first gas exploration site in the heart of a community. Residents of the brand new Persimmon & Anwyl housing estates have expressed anger and grave concerns. They were NEVER warned or consulted over the existence of the well or the proposals for the shale gas development.

One resident said, “No-one told me that we faced living next to a gas field or how it might affect us”and another said,“My family home is only 350m from this well and my builder, solicitor, mortgage company and council didn’t tell me anything about it.”

Residents are fearful of IGas’s intention to –

  1. Pump Hydrochloric Acid and other chemicals underground to open pathways within the rock for gas to flow, bringing similar risks to those of fracking.
  2. To flare off over 10 tonnes of untreated gas each day. Flaring is both polluting and very noisy and may continue for 24hrs per day for up to 90 days.

They are also fearful of the consequences for their health and wellbeing from this activity.

A Public Inquiry will take place in Chester Town Hall from 15th-23rdJanuary 2019. Members of the public as well as residents can attend to hear the case and evidence from IGas, the Council and Frack Free Ellesmere Port & Upton and their witnesses.

On the 10thDecember Frack Free Ellesmere Port & Upton issued their ‘Proof of Evidence’ from ten expert witnesses to the Government Planning Inspector. Their area of expertise range from Climate Change, Geology, Risk Engineering, Air Quality, Health, Sociology, Economy, National & International Law and Planning and all have major concerns and objections to the IGas proposals.

Over the coming weeks Frack Free Ellesmere Port & Upton will make all their enquiry evidence available to the public on its website. All support from businesses, organisations and members of the public is welcome.


Frack Free Ellesmere Port & Upton will object to IGas developments every step of the way.